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Tabular Data Report



ESILAB's GRID application is designed to provide online subscribers with the ability to extract, parse, transform, and export information from tables contained in documents. To date, ESILAB has applied this technology to the following: 


Financial Services (Asset Statements) 

Family offices managing the financial affairs of multiple high-net-worth individuals require asset and transaction data to populate wealth management software applications. This data originates from tables embedded within asset statements in PDF format originating from third-party custodians. 


Insurance (Loss Run Reports) 

Insurance underwriters require loss history data to ascertain the level of risk associated with new policy applications. This data is embedded within tabular loss run reports in PDF and Excel format generated by the insured’s incumbent insurer. 


Accountants, Federal, State, and Regulatory Agencies (Forensic Investigations) 

Accountants, federal, state, and regulatory agencies conducting forensic investigations frequently need to extract information from tabular structures embedded within PDF documents such as bank statements, phone records, and Internet Protocol address listings.

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