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Legal Privilege Review & Privacy Review Specialist

Legal Privilege Review and Privacy Review

Legal Privilege Review & Privacy Review Icon

Activity: Legal Privilege Review and Privacy Review 

Client:    Buy-Side Institutions 


These engagements involved the deployment of technology designed to assist an international law firm conducting a legal privilege review and data privacy review for approximately 2,200 plaintiff buy-side institutions involved in multi-jurisdictional class-action lawsuits against multiple banks for manipulation of FX prices, benchmarks, and bid-ask spreads. Productions originating from multiple ESI processing engines were loaded into ESILAB’s systems which facilitated a reduction in attorney workload by 79% for the privilege review and 77% for the data privacy review.  


Because some of the materials under review were subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation the production and entire ESILAB technology stack (hardware and software) was installed in Germany within a 24-hour timeframe and was made available to the client's legal team operating from jurisdictions within Europe and the United States via secure remote connection.​ 

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