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At ESILAB we specialize in the application of software perfected over thousands of engagements that is constantly enhanced with the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (including Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT)). 


Our modular software suite is the crown jewel of our capabilities and enables us to execute a broad spectrum of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data operations. These modules provide the following capabilities:

  • The Acquisition Module is responsible for automatic data acquisition from a wide variety of sources. It comprises web scraping for internet content, application programming interfaces (APIs) for system content, and optical character recognition ("OCR") for document content.

  • The Identification Module applies rules-based algorithms and artificial intelligence (including machine learning and natural language processing) to unstructured data facilitating such tasks as document classification, clause/paragraph classification, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis and topic modeling.

  • The Extraction Module facilitates the automatic extraction of metadata, text, and images from a broad range of file types. It includes advanced OCR capabilities, such as optical mark recognition, bar code recognition, intelligent character recognition, and magnetic ink character recognition.

  • The Conversion/Enrichment Module is responsible for the automatic conversion of data from one electronic format to over a thousand other electronic formats (e.g. from SQL to JSON, XML, CSV, PDF etc.).

  • The Normalization Module is a standardized image and text pipeline that performs a range of configurable normalization activities designed to improve input data quality.

  • The Analytics Module provides predictive analytics, text analytics, network analytics, sentiment analytics as well as data visualization capabilities.

  • Although structured, semi-structured and unstructured ESILAB output can be delivered to clients on a stand-alone basis we typically make data deliveries via the ESILAB Delivery Module. This module consists of an online multi-model database, search/query engine, communications interface and configurable user interface. The database provides immediate access to NoSQL and relational data in a single, unified platform. The search/query engine facilitates easy access to multiple data sources and formats. The communications interface provides for integrated communications with upstream and downstream systems via APIs and database drivers. Finally, the configurable user interface provides users with the ability to quickly interact with underlying content providing additional insights.

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