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Specialist Managing Structured Data Systems for Databases & Spreadsheets

Structured Data

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Structured data (i.e. databases and spreadsheets) feature prominently in almost all ESILAB engagements. Such data sets present a number of challenges. For example, within larger organizations data may be siloed (for business, historical, or compliance reasons) making it difficult to obtain a complete picture of the organization’s operations. Adding an extra layer of complexity is the fact that relevant structured data may originate from third-party sources each of whom may utilize different systems and/or data formats. 


Even if structured data is produced in an aggregated format, it will likely be produced without access to the system originally designed to consume it. This can place the recipient at a disadvantage since it will not have the same access to the content as the producing party. In the absence of appropriate, structured data expertise, recipients may find themselves having to rely on the producing party to execute queries and run reports on their behalf. This is particularly problematic in the context of contentious proceedings since it may compromise the recipient’s litigation strategy. 


At ESILAB, we have extensive experience in aggregating and harmonizing structured data using a flexible data model that exposes data easily to our powerful search, query, and analytics capabilities which invariably result in the discovery of valuable insights. 

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