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Open-Source Intelligence Analyst Discussing OSINT

Open-Source Intelligence

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ESILAB’s web scraping capability is central to its industrial-scale Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) capability. 


Many of our engagements frequently involve aggregating data from a wide variety of sources, including mainstream media, internet publications, and social media platforms. In addition, we are experts in the acquisition of content from public sector data from sources such as PACER, EDGAR, the Federal Register, as well as international corporate registers. We also have the capability to process geospatial and commercial data from retail companies, public databases, and application programming interfaces. 


To ensure comprehensive data coverage, we also have the capability to analyze information that regularly arises in the context of data breach engagements such as internet domains, IP addresses, uniform resource locators, media access control (MAC) addresses, device IDs, and cookies. 

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